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Fall Olympics 9/18/22

Sticking with tradition, the Croix Nation kicked off the 2022-2023 season with our annually Fall Olympics at Birchwood field.


Not only did the tribes battle each other to take the lead in the Spirit of Croix, we also had to battle the scorching sun. The Princesses and Braves participated in the ever-popular Baggo, Paint Can Knockdown, Soccer, and Hockey Shootouts.  The Princesses did not disappoint as they consistently outscored the Braves, or should I say outshot.


As always, the Princesses showed respect to each other and remained as modest as they could, when outscoring their dads. 

The Fall Olympics is the annual kickoff to the new Croix Nation season.


A Princesses Point of View:


As always, it was very fun getting to work together with our tribe in the skill-based challenges. However, it wasn’t easy. We had to be focused and communicate, especially in the ping pong ball race.  Some princesses surprised us by scoring lots of points and the braves surprised us as well… scoring zero. I enjoyed seeing all my friends after the long summer break and catching up with them. Training “all summer” for each station really paid off .


A mighty How How to the Apache tribe for hosting.  The day was perfect, with warm temps, and not a cloud in the sky.

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