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While attending an overnight camp out, parent and child must walk through the woods or fields together. Each will report at the next meeting about interesting nature observations on the walk.



Learn Indian songs by heart. The songs required for this award are "America" or "Friends Always."



Know the name and Indian names of all Big Braves and Princesses in your tribe.



Tribal visitation: Big Brave and Princess must attend one meting of another tribe then make a report to their own tribe about the points of interest of the meeting. Be sure to make appointments with the host of the tribe you will be visiting.



Know the Indian rituals by heart. (These are the slogan, aims, and pledge.)



Attend an authorized nation camp out in the fall, winter, or spring.



Starter bead



Parent and child make a craft project for the tribe. This project becomes a part of the tribal property and is used in tribal meetings.



Get a Big Brave/Princess to join Indian Princesses. Either your tribe or another tribe. The Big Brave invites the parent and the Princess invites the child.

Advanced Beads

Advanced bead awards are awarded for parent and child projects requiring more time, effort and manual skills than the first eight basic awards. These projects were chosen with the skills and interests of the older Indians in mind.  It is hoped that the earning of these beads will not only foster companionship of parent and child, but will stimulate their interests to go beyond the actual requirements and make for a worthwhile project.  The eight primary bead awards must be earned before attempting the advanced awards.


Large Light Brown

This award is made for collecting and being able to identify by sight the leaves of ten trees common to the area. Parent and child should collect and mount on separate 4x6 cards good specimen from ten different trees. On the back of 4" x 6" cards should be written the common plant names.
To qualify for the award, the princess should be able to identify, by sight, the first five leaves selected by the tribal chief without reference to the name written on the back of the card. The big brave then identifies the five remaining leaves.


Large Red

This bead is awarded to the parent and child team upon explanation and demonstration before the tribe of the ability to give the Indian Princess Aims using standard Indian Sign Language. The chief should pick at random any three of the Aims and ask the Princess to recite the Indian translation and demonstrate the appropriate sign language for each of these Aims. The father then follows with the remaining three.


Large Dark Brown

Princess to demonstrate and big brave to explain at least three of the basic Indian dance steps. The parent will act as tom-tom beater.

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