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Winter Campout 2/18/22-2/20/22

Thank you Gitchee Manitou for a bitter cold yet extremely memorable winter campout!

From Opening Ceremonies to Closing Ceremonies, the Braves and Princesses of the Mighty Croix Nation had an action-packed weekend filled with laughter and cheer.  From tribal battles in the Winter Olympics and stargazing in the middle of the day to an evening of Encanto and ice cream, the braves and princesses were always on the go. 


Several braves and princesses demonstrated their accomplishments before the Haylushka council and became one of the select few that have earned the title of Haylushka.


Our mighty Nation also grew in strength and numbers as several fathers and daughters stood before the council fire to be inducted into the Mighty Croix Nation.  May these Braves and Princesses grow to learn the value this great Nation brings to their lives and may they exemplify the aims we strive to achieve. 


A mighty How How to the Fox Tribe for hosting this event and the Nation Chief and officers who helped to make this campout a success. 

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