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Spring Campout 6/3/22-6/5/22

It is with both great joy and sorrow we end this Hunting Season.


Our hunting season was filled with joy and laughter as we came together as Fathers and Daughters, Tribes, and Nation.  Even though the air was crisp and the ground damp, the Braves and Princesses enjoyed this final campout of the Hunting Season and celebrated one final time as Tribes and Nation. 


Many new Braves and Princesses heard the call of the Great Spirit and joined our Mighty Croix Nation.  After listening to what the Four Winds told them would bring happiness and goodness to their lives, these Braves and Princesses made their symbolic sacrifices and took the pledge to seek a world pleasing to the eye of the Great Spirit. 


Many Braves and Princesses graduated at this campout.  These Braves and Princesses served this Nation well and have grown wise in the ways of the Indian Princess Program.  They now take the next step forward in their journey through life.  As they reach the end of this path, we celebrate having walked this path with them! 


Thank you, Hawkeye, Tribal Chiefs, and Longhouse officers, for your leadership, guidance, and love during this Hunting Season.  Without your tireless hard work and sacrifices and the hard work and sacrifices of those who served before you, our Great Nation would cease to exist.


A mighty How How to Big Bear, of the Mighty Blackhawk Tribe!  The Great Spirit bestowed upon you the great honor of being Nation Chief to the Mighty Croix Nation.  As the Great Spirit has spoken, we, the Nation, are confident that you will lead us with Honor and Dignity through the next Hunting Season! 


May the Great Spirit Guide us and protect us until the next Hunting Season.



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