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Long Night Moon Fall Campout 2019

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

The tribes of the Mighty Croix Nation assembled at Camp Tecumseh in Brookston, Indiana over the weekend of October 4-6 to enjoy the Fall “Long Night Moon” Campout with all their nation fellow braves and princesses. This campout was so popular that it was actually oversold with 220 members so everyone squeezed in with extra cots and air mattresses and made the most of it. The Med Man provided everyone with great weather for the whole weekend except for a little downpour during the council fire. Nice job!! A big shout out to all the Longhouse members who had roles at the ceremonies. Everyone did an awesome job for their first time assuming their responsibilities.

Friday’s activities consisted of Hayluska testing and a dance party at the Kampen Lodge. All the tribes cooked their own dinner meals and partook in conversing by the campfire into the early morning hours.

On Saturday everyone had their choice of going horseback riding, archery, shooting rifles, fishing, as well as other activities. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner was served at the Scheumann Lodge. During the opening ceremony, the search for the golden arrow occurred, the Great Spirit was summoned, the story of Pistaki was told, and Tatonka was also presented. Arrowhead awards were awarded to those princesses who earned them by completing a service project. The infamous Slow Poke was introduced and the tale of Ishtabek was preached to all. The important AIMS walk took place in the evening to see which tribe’s princesses could do the best job of portraying and citing the AIMS.

Later in the evening, the infamous council fire was lit by the Fire Starter and roared to a huge glowing inferno in the night sky to the applause of all those who in attendance. During the fire, 44 new brave and princess members were warmly welcomed into the Croix Nation father/daughter organization. Also, 17 elders were acknowledged and awarded a patch to recognize their service and longevity of 7 plus years in the princess program. Congrats to all the braves and princess families who earned Hayluska honors and that were introduced to all the members as they danced to their drum beats around the fire (Apache- one family, Blackhawk- one family, Fox- two families, Mohican- one family). The night was not over yet. A candy/coin hunt took place to the delight of the princesses. That was probably their favorite event of the day!! The last official campout event was the pumpkin carving contest and the golden pumpkin judging. To cap off the night, each of the tribes took their stab at building the largest camp fire and partook in delicious feasts known as their 4th meals with each tribe trying to provide an abundant spread not to be out doe that was to be awarded the tastiest food of all.

On Sunday the chiefs hunt occurred and then the infamous awards ceremony took place in the Scheumann Lodge. The Mohican tribe unfortunately walked away with Tatonka. The Choctaw celebrated with winning the Great Grizzly award, and they also had some very tired princesses on Sunday because they also won the Night Owl award. The best carved pumpkin was made by the Blackhawk tribe and were awarded the Golden Pumpkin. Lastly, Blackhawk also went home with the annoying Slowpoke award. Then the closing ceremony took place and then everyone packed up and started their journey home.

The Fall “Long Night Moon” campout was a huge success. The weather was great. The attendance was phenomenal since the cabins were over capacity. All the braves and princesses of all the tribes had an awesome time enjoying all the festivities Camp Tecumseh had to offer. A lot of amazing food was prepared and consumed by all. Thank you, Great Spirit for watching over everyone and keeping them safe!! Noonway!!

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