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Indian Princesses Help Families in Need

Members of The Mighty Croix nation volunteered their time at the wonderful Basket Brigade of Suburban Chicago event which took place on Saturday, November 23 at Teft Middle School in Streamwood, IL just before Thanksgiving. This very popular event is a service project for the Croix nation. This great event is a way of showing thanks and helping out the needy during the holiday season. During this event, volunteers fill several hundreds of boxes with all the yummy Thanksgiving fixings you can think of (even the frozen turkey). Aldi supplies all the food which is purchased with money donated from local sponsors. These boxes are then delivered to families in need in the local area. The best part of this event is that many heart-warming stories come from these needy families because they are so thankful for this food so they too can celebrate Thanksgiving with their loved ones. That is what the Thanksgiving spirit is all about. Hundreds of people volunteer at this event each year because it makes people thankful for what they have and want to give more.

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