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Haylushka Dance 4/9/22

The word Haylushka is of Winnebago origin and is a designation used to identify only those braves and princesses of great courage, accomplishment, and value to the welfare of their tribe and nation.  They are held in high honor by their fellow braves and princesses.

To earn the right to be called Haylushka in the mighty Croix Nation, the braves and princesses must complete 11 tasks and demonstrate three of these tasks before the Haylushka Council. 

The greatest honor in the Indian Princesses program is to earn Haylushka.  Only the most dedicated fathers and daughters earn this rank. Only those fathers and daughters that earned Haylushka may attend the Haylushka dance held each spring. 


This spring, the most dedicated fathers and daughters of the 8 tribes came together to celebrate their accomplishments and contributions to our tribes and Nation.  Dressed to impress, these fathers and daughters took to the dance floor to show off their Haylushka dance moves.  They also enjoyed good food and even better company as they celebrated late into the evening. 

Let all braves and princesses give these Haylushka fathers and daughters a mighty HOW HOW and strive ourselves to one day earn this coveted title. 

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