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Culture Center Tour 4/23/22

To be clean in body and pure in heart.

To be friends always with my father/daughter.

To love the sacred circle of my family.

To listen while others speak.

To love my neighbor as myself.

To seek and preserve the beauty of the great spirit’s work in forest, field, and stream.


These are the 6 aims we attempt to instill in our daughters and strive to achieve ourselves as we navigate our way through life’s journey. 


By calling ourselves “Braves” and our daughters “Indian Princesses” and being a part of the mighty Croix Nation of the Algonquin Longhouse; however, we have another aim we must strive to achieve – to respect the traditions and beliefs of all people. 


On April 23, 2022, we had the honor of entering the Trickster Cultural Center to learn about Native American culture and history.  In the Native American culture, the trickster is the spiritual and cultural educator of the tribe.  The Trickster Cultural Center lived up to its name as it taught us the impact Native and non-Native art has on shaping our mutual cultures. 

Let us continue to respect the traditions and beliefs of our Native American namesakes as our mighty Croix Nation continues to provide us a diverse community in which our daughters can grow. 

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