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Winter Council Fire - 2/21/21

The Croix Nation Golden Hawk Moon Winter Event at Camp Duncan on February 21 was truly a big success.

The event started right at 11.30am with the flag rising. The tribes presented the tribal logs and celebrated two princesses. Sunset Dancer and Tiger Lily from the mighty Apache received the arrowhead award for organizing a mini-food drive to benefit the Palatine Food Pantry during the COVID-triggered run on grocery stores in 2020.

In the afternoon princesses and braves had a great time on the sled hills, playing broomball, dissecting owl pellets and making crafts. The Wilderness & Orienteering session taught the girls key tips to survive in the wilderness including how to orienteer themselves using a compass, they also learned how tough is to walk on waist high snow.

The Nation Med man was able to keep the weather under control until 5pm, when a snow storm disrupted the tribes dinner plans. Fortunately everyone was able to find a warm place indoor in several locations around the camp to ensure social distancing.  Fortunately, the snow stopped falling and the winter event could continue with the flag lowering ceremony, aims walk and council fire.

The Nation Firestarter was successful in getting the fire going despite the wet conditions.  The council fire started with the inductee ceremony where 5 new princesses and their braves were introduced and welcomed by the Nation Meshenewa to the Croix Nation. The new members are:

 From the Mighty Apache

  • Sunset Wolf and her brave Leaping Lizard

  • Galloping Philly and Feathered Fawn and their brave Growling Bear


From the Mighty Cherokee

  • Rainbow Cloud and her brave Smelly Bear


From the Mighty Fox

  • One princess and her brave (Indian Names TBD)


The Nation Chief was able to keep the ceremony short and concise to allow the tribes to return safely to their homes

A big thank you to the nation Wampum Bearer Kevin Johnson of the mighty Blackhawks for organizing this great event and to the Nation Chief and all the officers who helped make this event a success.

Winter Council Fire7
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