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Sprint Tent Out - 6/11/21 - 6/13/21

The Croix nation closed a challenging but successful hunting season with the Spring Tent out on June 11-13 at the River Bend Resort in Watertown, WI.

The tribes started to trickle in at the campsite on Friday early afternoon. The pool, lake, beach volleyball courts and the candy store quickly became favorite destinations for the princesses. As with tradition the rain made an appearance, fortunately the downpour only lasted few hours and never came back throughout the weekend, nicely done Medicine Man!


The Spring Tent out was officially kicked off on Saturday with the Opening Ceremony. The Nation Chief Hawkeye and his princesses welcomed everyone. The tribal awards and the log awards were presented by each tribe. The flags were raised by Hawkeye, Nation Haylushka chief, surrounded by the Haylushka princesses singing America The Beautiful. Hawkeye announced the Hay-Lush-Ka of the year award, an award given to a princess who has distinguished herself by exceptional community service during the previous year. This year the Hay-Lush-Ka of the year was awarded to Sunset Dancer of the Apache tribe, congratulations!


After the opening ceremony the tribes were on their own for lunch, campground activities and patch design. Majority of the princesses spent the afternoon at the pool or in the swimming pond that this year featured amazing inflatables. Tha Haylushka princesses met in the late afternoon to vote on best face painting and patch design.


The evening activities started with the aims walk, each tribe walked on the path to the Council Fire reciting the aims, song, slogan, purpose of the Indian Princess program requested by each tribal chief.


Once all the tribes arrived at the site, the nation chief Hawkeye kicked off the council fire ceremony. The Nation Firestarter Gray Wolf outdid himself with a huge and colorful fire the lighted up the night for the entire campground.


The council fire started with the inductee ceremony where 7 new princesses and their braves were introduced and welcomed to the Croix Nation. The new members are:


From the Mighty Apache

•Free Spirit and her brave Big Buffalo

•Snow Leopard and her brave Leaping Lizard

From the Mighty Choctaw

•Dancing Daisy and her brave Floating Turtle

From the Mighty Cherokee

•Emily and her brave Jim (Indian names TBD)

From the Mighty Fox

•Panda Warrior and her brave Flying Wolf

•Winona and her brave Wapi

•Smiling Bear and her brave Stumbling Wolf



The Haylushka induction ceremony honored three princesses and their braves who recently became members of Haylushka, the highest level of accomplishment in the Indian Princess Program. Congratulations to:

•Yellow Daisy and her brave War Chief

•Dream Catcher and her brave Hawkeye

•Rainbow Panda and her brave Thunder Bear


The graduation ceremony honored 28 princesses and their braves who have served the Nation well and have grown wise in the ways of the Indian Princesses Program but they are now ready to take the next step forward in their journey through life. Their names are:

From the Mighty Choctaw

•Wind Dancer and her brave Rising Sun

•Dancing Pony and her brave Singing Horse

•Dancing Sunshine and her brave Mighty Moon

•Peaceful Unicorn, Peaceful Grasshopper and their brave Peaceful Warrior

•Little Red Fox and her brave Blue Fox

•Pink Lightning and her brave Grappling Thunder

•Silent Panther and her brave Crackling Thunder

•Rushing River and her brave Water Hammer

•Fearless Lynx and her brave Gentle Onyx

•Aqua Monkey and her brave Floating Gorilla

•Spotted Owl and Snowy Owl and their brave Screeching Owl


From the Mighty Fox

•Radioactive Pony and her brave Atomic Eagle

•Galaxy Fox and her brave Beardo

•Diving Dolphin and her brave Smells Like Buffalo

•Little Howler and her brave Snoring Bear

•A-kee-kee and her brave Raging Bunny

•Dancing Dolphin and Super Star and their brave Shark Tooth

•Little Sparkling Treasure and her brave Big Flying Eagle


From the Mighty Mohican

•Tiger Lily and her brave Hawkeye

•Firefly and her brave Superfly

•Sparkle Moon and her brave Full Moon

•Star Butterfly and her brave Northstar

•Rainbow Rose and her brave Raging Bull

•Dancing Daisy and her brave Little Big Man  


From the Mighty Zuni

•Pink Rose and her brave Falling Leaf


The council fire concluded with the Nation Chief Selection Ceremony. The Great Spirit was summoned to select the next Chief of the Mighty Croix Nation. The chiefs of the seven tribes and all the members of the Nation Longhouse council threw their offering into the fire but only one offering was accepted by the Great Spirit, the offering of Hawkeye of the mighty Mohican who will serve as the next Nation Chief, congrats Hawkeye!

The Spring Tent out came to a conclusion with the closing ceremony on Sunday morning. The new nation chief Hawkeye introduced the new longhouse members who will help him organizing the next hunting seasons and announced the tribal awards winners:

•The Biggest Eater/Covid-15 award was presented to the mighty Apache who roasted a 80 pounds pig in a roast box on Saturday

•The best vaccination site award was presented to the mighty Blackhawks who had the best decorated campsite

•The Superspreader award was presented to the mighty Chocktaw whose princesses had the most fun, dancing, running around, having a great time

•The Peace, Love, And Sanitize Award was presented to the mighty Zuni who showed the most interactivity and friendliness amongst the tribes

•The Breaking the 6 Foot Rule Award was presented to the mighty Cherokee princesses for having the most fun in the Lake

•The best masked tribal log award was presented to the mighty Fox

•The Night Owl award was presented to the mighty Chocktaw who had six girls who stayed awake all night

•The big Grizzly award was presented to the mighty Apache who did an amazing job on Saturday night reciting the aims, song, slogan, purpose of the Indian Princess program on the path to the council fire

•The best tribal award was presented to the mighty Blackhawks who designed a very elaborate COVID cremator/biggest campfire award

•The best dad face painting award was presented to a brave of the Chocktaw tribe

•The best princess face painting award was presented to Sunset Dancer of the mighty Apache

•The best patch design was awarded to a princess of the mighty Chocktaw

•The Apache Princesses were presented the Prairie Moon Award for winning the Chief Hunt. They also went home with Tatonka, which they will have the honor to keep safe until the next campout

•The coveted Spirit of Croix award was presented to the mighty Cherokee, the mighty Apache came second followed by the mighty Blackhawks

As with tradition the ceremony closed with all princesses soaking the departing Nation Chief Hawkeye and last year Nation Chief Rolling Stone with water balloons, water guns, water rifles, water machine guns and who knows what else…


A big thank you to Hawkeye of the mighty Apache for guiding the nation during a very challenging hunting season last year and good luck to the new nation chief.



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