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Fall Olympics 9/26/21

On September 26, 2021, the mighty Tribes of the Croix Nation converged together at Birchwood Field for an epic display of skill, perseverance, and courage!

Skill necessary for games such as the hula-hoop lasso toss and baggo for your aim to be true at the target.  Perseverance for games such as the relay race and the paint can knockdown where you must endure and stay consistent to be successful at the game.  And Courage for games such as KanJam as daughters uncontrollably hurl Frisbees in the direction of their fathers.


While the mighty Tribes battled each other to claim victory and come closer to earning the Spirit of the Croix, we also learned Excellence means doing the best we can on the field of play and in or personal lives, Respect for our opponents, and Friendship through coming together as one.


A mighty How How to the Apache Tribe for hosting our Croix Nation Olympics!

Reverence to Gitchee Manitou for allowing this day to occur.

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