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America's Action Territory - 5/23/21

On Sunday May 13 the Croix Nation spent a full day of family fun at the America’s Action Territory. Princesses, braves and their families enjoyed the many attractions at this great park located in Kenosha, WI. Go-Kart was a blast; there were even two-seaters for dads to ride with their younger princesses where one seat had a steering wheel with no control.  Laser tag was a lot of fun (a few of the dads took up sniper positions while the Princesses ran wild through the course).  The park had two mini golf courses that were frequented by the braves and princesses (so the dads got to squeeze in 18 holes or more at the event).  Several showed off their baseball/softball skills at the batting cages.  They had an arcade that the dads and daughters took advantage of...resulting in tickets redeemed for candy and prizes for the ride home.  There was a virtual reality station and bumper cars in the arcade as well.  And finally the cafeteria was a favorite spot to grab snacks and recharge for more fun at the park.  A big thank you to the Chocktaw tribe for organizing this great event.

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