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Fall Olympics 9/27/20

The first event of the 2020/2021 hunting season was a big success! On Sunday September 27, six tribes competed fiercely to win the Croix Nation 2020 Olympics in the following events:

Bean bag - The Croix nation princesses clearly showed they are better than their dads at this game

Frisbee Toss - Certainly the most challenging event, both princesses and braves quickly realized how important it was to look at both the cup and the frisbee coming at you...

Soccer kick - Interesting to see how the braves were quick at coaching the princesses on how to shoot with the inside of the foot but failed to demonstrate it

Hockey Shot - The most interesting part was to watch the princesses and braves who have never used a Hockey stick before, including myself, trying to figure out which was the left vs. the right handed stick

Shuttle Run - Most physically demanding event of the day, especially for the braves with more than one princess. The Fireman's carry technique was overwhelmingly used by the braves to conquer this event.

Pool Noodle Javelin - Only eight people were able to get the pool noodle over the 3-point line, but only one person, a member of the Cherokee tribe, was able to do it twice in a row!


A big thanks to the Apache tribe that was able to successfully organize this event in a "COVID-19 friendly" environment.

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