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Council Fire & Aims Walk - 10/10/20

The Croix nation kicked off the new hunting season (and closed the previous one) with the Aims Walk and Council Fire ceremony on October 10.
As with tradition each tribe walked along the Ceremonial Walk on the path to the Council Fire reciting the aims, song, slogan, purpose requested by each tribal chief.
The Nation Firestarter was successful in building a big enough (and safe) fire to warm the entire nation spread around the campfire in a socially distant manner.

The council fire started with the inductee ceremony where 21 new princesses and their braves were introduced and welcomed to the Croix Nation. The new members are:


From the Mighty Apache

  • Snowy Unicorn and her brave Snowy Owl

  • Golden Bunny and her brave Hawkeye

  • Hopping Frog and her brave Running Bull

  • Dancing Star and her brave Brave Eagle

  • Xochipilli and her brave Iztac Cuanaca

  • Dancing Coyote and her brave Howling Coyote

  • Charging Moose and her brave Flying Eagle


From the Mighty Blackhawk

  • Sparkling Unicorn and Running Dear and their brave Big Deer


From the Mighty Choctaw

  • Running River and her brave Strong Wing

  • Pink Elephant and her brave Thundering Elephant

  • 4 additional princesses and their braves (Indian names TBD)


From the Mighty Mohican

  • Rainbow Cloud and her brave Dark Cloud

  • Rainbow Flour and her brave Wounded Knee


From the Mighty Zuni

  • Rose Petal and her brave Falling Leaf


From the Mighty Cherokee

  • Brave Hawk and her brave 4 Feather Hawk

  • Little Firefly and her brave Pale Ostrich


From the Mighty Fox

  • Coyote Tooth and her brave Skunk Tall


The Haylushka induction ceremony honored two members of the Choctaw tribe. Congratulations to Thunder Bear and Rainbow Panda for achieving the highest level of accomplishment in the Indian Princess Program!

The graduation ceremony honored 13 princesses and their braves who have served the Nation well and have grown wise in the ways of the Indian Princesses Program but they are now ready to take the next step forward in their journey through life. Their names are:


From the Mighty Apache:

  • Dancing Squirrel and her brave Fighting Squirrel

  • Silly Squirrel and her brave Nutty Squirrel

  • Twirling Bear and her brave Building Bear

  • Snowy Fox and her brave Snowy Owl

  • Dancing Wolf and her brave Howling Wolf

  • Kicking Kangaroo and her brave Wild Wallaby


From the Mighty Blackhawk:

  • Jumping Jaguar and her brave Thundering Wolf


From the Mighty Cherokee

  • Lightning Wolf and her brave Thundering Wolf


From the Mighty Mohican

  • Tiger Blossom and her brave Running Wolf


From the Mighty Pueblo

  • Running Fawn and her brave Big Deer


From the Mighty Zuni

  • Dancing Daisy and her brave Lone Wiesel

  • Little Snow Owl and her brave Roadrunner

  • Flying Dolphin and her brave Night Whisper


The council fire concluded with the Nation Chief Selection Ceremony. The Great Spirit was summoned to select the next Chief of the Mighty Croix Nation. The chiefs of the seven tribes and all the members of the Nation Longhouse council threw their offering into the fire but only one offering was accepted by the Great Spirit, the offering of Hawkeye of the mighty Apache who will serve as the next Nation Chief, congrats Hawkeye!

Thank you to Rolling Stone for guiding the nation during a very challenging hunting season last year.

Thank you to all braves and princesses for wearing masks at all time and practicing social distancing during the event

A big thank you to Jan for securing the site and to Jack and Milton for handling the parking and collections at the gate. The site of the event was Hendrik’s stable, a private stable that runs a horse rescue program. The Croix Nation donated $500 to the horse rescue program.

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